Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nook Tips

Before we developed the same eye disorders, my sister read a book or two each week and I read two or three books in addition to daily newspapers and weekly magazines, from the time we were kids until we both developed the same eye problems, cataracts and Fuchs dystrophy.

Surgery restored my vision for driving and using a computer, but I couldn't easily read books or magazines without my eyes crossing.

Thanks you e-readers, my sister and I can read again.

Tips I learned at a seminar held at Barnes and Noble:

1. A Kindle only handles books downloaded from, and Nooks take books from Barnes and Noble. If my sister and I both bought the same kind of e-reader, we could share many books.
2. Books stored on an e-reader do not effect the speed of downloads or internet use  and each e-reader can hold thousands of books.
3. A charge holds for about ten hours if the internet connection is turned off when not in use. This also protects the e-reader from hackers and viruses. When setting the book aside, turn the book off using the button in back of Nook Basic or on the top left side of Color Nook.
6. Inside the store using the Barnes and Noble website, it is possible to browse and read any single e-book for an hour.
7. To access a list of free e-books to choose free books, on the home page choose "buy" and then select the desired topic and enter 00.00 as the price.

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