Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update on Daughter's Health

Jennifer says she is feeling emotionally better about feeling physically bad.
She is happy her doctor never called with her test results from the cat scan on her pancreas, assuming this means there were no irregularities.
She prefers to assume everything is all right, and it probably is, as far as something physicians can easily detect.
Meanwhile, she continues to lose weight and a size ten boy's t-shirt and basketball shorts fit her better than her own jeans and sweaters.
Her hands shake uncontrollably, and her eyelids flutter.
Her pain, feeling cold and exhausted means that her son's usual view of his mom is her face above a blanket.
While arguing with her, my husband received bad news from his doctor, and advice he has yet to take.
I decided I had better take care of myself, which care givers often forget to do.
My swollen knee was x-rayed, I was given anti inflammatory medication and I had an allergy shot at the highest dose yet.
By nightfall my face was so swelled, I could not see to fix supper.
My family tucked blankets around me and worried I might die.
Their fears were annoying and I must be equally annoying when I worry about them.
So I will try in future not to do that.
Their attempts to be comforting were comforting.
So I will try in the future to be more so.

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